Up Until Today I Was a Nomad Working In a Bubble

It is so educational, uplifting and invigorating to interact with a group of people that do exactly what I do. For the past two years I feel like I've been working in a bubble. Working as an OSC for a new home builder is very nomadic. Even though nomad was my middle name as I traveled alone around the world for many years, at least I was surrounded by like-minded souls who I could interact with and share the experience. But for over 2 years I have been the only one in my company in my position, and probably one of the only people who can fully understand what it is I do.

Today, thanks to the virtual world of webinars, I attended my first class at OSC University with Mike Lyon @mikelyon http://www.doyouconvert.com/blog/ who wrote the book on OSC for New Homes and conversions. No I'm serious, he literally wrote the book, "Browsers to Buyers" http://www.doyouconvert.com/blog/browsers-to-buyers-proven-strategies-for-selling-new-homes-online/ and up until now it was the only information I ever had to structure my job. So forgive me if I plug his new class for OSC training for a moment http://www.doyouconvert.com/blog/training/osc-university/ but I think it's invaluable if you work as an Online Sales Consultant, and even if your job is not as specific as a New Homes Sales Consultant it is still very useful whether you are a real estate agent trying to figure out how to do a better job of managing your leads, or really anyone dealing with internet leads for their business.

Up until today I've never been in a room with even one other OSC, let alone 38 who were in attendance from all around the country in our virtual classroom. It's not like we have bars where all the OSC's hang out for happy hour. It's nothing like traveling as a nomad. While traveling, even though I was alone, as soon as I checked into a backpacker or youth hostel, started walking on a trek, or lifted a beer in a bar, some traveler or another started talking and all of a sudden I wasn't alone anymore. I was always surrounded by like-minded adventurers exploring the world. In fact, I'd find that many travelers had been to some of the same places I had, and others were making great suggestions based on my interests for future adventures. In many ways I felt that same kind of energy today.

While traveling around the world, I engaged in interesting debates and learned a lot along the way. Each world view added to the diversity of the conversation and was shaped by someone else's experiences verses my own. Listening to some of what the OSCs had to say today, even in this first of 9 sessions, gave me so much food for thought. I know that, given the chance, I'll be getting into some of the same kinds of debates as I did on the travel road. I look forward to learning from their experiences, and hopefully adding my knowledge to the pot.

I've already started making my "Change Wish List" for my job. Actually it's just pulling out an old copy of my "CWL" and saying, "Yep, it's still on there two years later." Some of the changes I can affect, and some of the changes will have to come from my builder. The first two items on my "CWL" are to get rid of the forced web registration on my website, and to get a CRM. I'm ready to stop chewing gum (if you read my last blog you'll know what I'm talking about)

While I don't think I'll be able to change things over night, I hope that the information and tools I will gain from OSC University will help give me the ammunition to create change.

Today I've moved outside of my bubble, now I need to get my builder to do the same!

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Internet Concierge said...

I LOVE your blog and plan to subscribe. It was really nice to be in a "room" with like minded people who got it. Its like being a part of a family or a pack. Nice job!

Leah Kaiz said...

Thanks Kelly! You are my very first comment on any of my blogs. I'm glad you like it. Look forward to seeing you out on the web!

Kathleen said...

Awesome Leah! Loved reading this. My head was spinning after that class yesterday so I completely understand the "change wish list" you've started. I think we're all going to learn a tremendous amount from each other over the next 8 sessions - and have fun doing it!

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